From UpWork To Partnership-Focused Creative Agency

EST. 2019

A few short years ago, DEFY Creative & Co. was born out of the need for brands to not only have talented, high performing design and marketing support but to be able to work with someone directly who was in their shoes. A brand always need to stay competitive with the latest creative, marketing and technology solutions but the biggest growth opportunities lie within uncovering and sharing fundamental keystone ideas within a brand. We are a small nimble team, but we are prepared to work with you in growing a power-house brand.


Our Technology Partners

Email & Web Platforms

We are currently working with many brands like yourself using the top industry platforms. We are also product certified in many of these platforms and can leverage all of the advanced features to help you grow the brand.

Who We Work With 

Brands We Are Proud To Support

DEFY Creative & Co. (short for company) is named specifically so, as it is our goal to work hand in hand with each brand's in-house designers, marketing professionals and leadership team. We are proud to directly support these brands and their vision.

About Us 

Some Background On Who We Are

We are a small nimble team, but we are prepared to work with you in growing a power-house brand.

Erik Gussey

Brand Strategist / Owner
Previous marketing and sales director for over 8 years at a professional hair care company. Now serving numerous brands and industries including Beauty, Pharmaceuticals, Furniture, Fashion and Food/Beverage. HubSpot certified.

Austin Nigrelli

Email & Web Designer
Freelance designer and IT consultant with over 3 years of experience in brand and eCommerce marketing. Klaviyo certified.

Nick Petersen

Email & Web Designer
Hand drawn illustrator with custom artwork and vector experience. Klaviyo certified.

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Career Opportunities
We are currently seeking passionate copywriters and developers.


We are excited to hear from you and begin the process of supporting your brand and growing your vision.

Reach out to us using the link below to begin the partnership process.

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Bell Works / CoLab
101 Crawfords Corner Rd
Holmdel, NJ 07733
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